➡ In recent days the drop in the price of cryptocurrencies has been very large, losing more than 100 billion dollars in recent weeks in all the markets of the world. The bitcoin down is worrying.This is very easy to clarify due to the global panic that exists due to the crisis of the coronaviurs, And that is why investors worldwide have withdrawn their money from cryptocurrencies, the same as they have done from the main markets of the world.


Due to these movements, the Bitcoin set a record decline in everything that has life, which made it drop 40% in a few days and the ETH fell 47%, now it must be said that at the moment the Bitcoin It has risen a bit, the same as other cryptocurrencies.

:arrow: Many people wonder if it is a good time to buy Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, but right now it is difficult to know what will happen to cryptocurrencies, according to several experts, the best thing would be to wait for the coronavirus crisis to pass and see what trend the markets have, since right now the trend is scary worldwide.


If we look at the stock markets worldwide we see that in the last month the main stock market indices in the world have dropped a lot, some stock markets have lost 30% of their value in the last two weeks, which is a lot.

bitcoin down


It is also necessary to take into account the economic measures that the United States Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank have taken drastic measures to supply the money market and thus be able to calm investors.

➡ Of course, right now the most recommended is to take the money out of the bank and make an accumulation at home due to the worldwide uncertainty caused by the coronavirus.The bitcoin down is worrying